"Emilia Cole is one of the scene's breakout stars"

- Linda Shine, Music of life magazin



For all the meditations Billy Bures created the music and used the meditation to guide him in selecting pace of the music and the pitch and the keys of other sounds that are used throughout the meditation. The sounds were woven and alternated between ears allowing the listener to drop into deeper states of meditation. Specific binaural beats were chosen to produce to contribute to the experience of calm and relaxation. 


Within the HypnoMeditation are also recordings of chimes and the chanting of OM which were done at various energy sites. Recordings were done at different sites for each meditation. Each location was chosen because of the profound sense of peace one experiences there. Throughout the meditation are subliminal or ‘whisper’ suggestions directed toward the unconscious that offer reminders for clearing, calming, self-empowerment, and positive affirmations for the listener to take with her / him after the meditation is over.

Recordings were done at different sites for each meditation. Each location was chosen because of the profound sense of peace one experiences there.

Richard Lanza has been exploring the different branches of yoga and forms of holistic health for over 40 years with special focus on psychic development and spiritual healing. His background also includes training in Yoga, Eastern Philosophy, Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Acupuncture, Massage, Energy Healing, Essene Therapy and Therapeutic Touch. He is the originator and owner of Open Doors Holistic Metaphysical and Healing Center , originator of Open Doors Yoga Studios, creator and instructor of the Open Doors Yoga Teacher Training Programs (200 & 300 Hour), co-director of the Open Doors School of Energy Healing, Creator and Instructor of the Intuitive Mastery Program, and Producer of HypnoMeditation CD's. He also has received training and certification from Tolly Burkan as a FireWalk Facilitator. As an instructor and author of guided meditations his intent is to support individuals to connect to one’s own inner guidance thereby empowering oneself to live a happier, freer, and fulfilled life.

Richard Lanza

Billy Bures has been studying metaphysics most his life and has been music writing music since he was 13 years old. Along with owning his own recording studio in NYC he has made a study of music theory and developed original songs for an indie record label. To express his love of dance music Billy has toured nationally as a DJ providing innovated remixes in dance clubs. Together with his love of metaphysic studies and his passion for writing music, Billy has applied his knowledge of the meditative state in creating the music for these HypnoMeditations. Billy now lives in Lakeland Florida continuing to write music as well as a book that chronicles his own spiritual journey.

Billy Bures

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