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Richard Lanza, Creator of Meditations for Mindful Daily Living, short guided meditations, Best meditations
Music with barely audible affirmations & statements to enhance specific areas of your life. Choose from completely hidden vocal subliminal messages or whispered subliminal messages.
These meditations can be listened to during driving, or other activities.
A Message From Billy Bures about Producing for Subliminal Guided Meditations.
Richard Lanza with music from Billy Bures

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Subliminal Meditations with HIDDEN VOCALS

Subliminal Meditations with WHISPER VOCALS

NEW! Boost Your Immune System & Heal Tissues of the Body

Immunity Subliminal
Billy Message

A Message From Billy Bures: The Sound of the Immune System & Tissue Therapy Healing


As in all the meditation music I write or produce,  I am using a binaural beat to set the tone. I am trying to stimulate the neo-transmitters in your brain and to align those frequencies to the tone generated beats.


I almost always start with my binaural beat app on my phone to generate tone and then layer 2 additional elements over top to add depth to the frequency exchange between the right and left side of your brain..


When Richard asked me about writing music for healing and caring for your immune system, I knew this was going to be a little different than previous guided meditations. The music would be written first and then subliminal messages would be added in later on. This is usually the opposite of how we work. Finding the layers needed, I first had to research what frequency to begin with. The most common I found in all the articles I read was 285hz. So I started with that.


Your immune system lives mostly in your gut is what I am to understand. Your brain, with the frequencies it needs, must continue to boost the immune system response.  The 285hz helps to heal tissue and brings them to the original form by sending a message to reconstruct the damaged area.


I started the music with a 285hz tone from my phone. Keeping in mind my gut-thump, I tuned a bass sound from my Korg synthesizer and played a series of driving bass notes. I needed a rhythmic movement to be a constant push. The underlying rhythm track was set to the pace of a Gregorian chant and a hiphop loop from my MX1 drum machine. It is like a harmonic push and a constant hypnotic focus to the gut. I added a few breaths for the diaphragm and the subliminal messages that Richard whispered into the background.


This meditation is not boring and moves quickly.  I have found myself feeling better just during the writing process.


Feel Good! 


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